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Please Note - All Village Hall social evenings and events are postponed until further notice.

Notice - Parish Council Procedures During Covid-19 Emergency 

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Who knows what the situation will be when you read this. We live with uncertainty but believe in resilience. Joyce Harrison and others in the village set up a Resilience Team in the village some years back and the baton to run with this was passed to me to coordinate when I joined the Parish Council. Four out of the eight of us moved early to set up an agency linked to Covid Mutual Aid and North Yorkshire County Council's pioneering Ready For Anything initiative.

 In quick time Bob Sampson (Tel. 450715) set up a WhatsApp group, a new experience for me in a new decade. Phone him if you would like to join this group. Phil Nunn (Tel. 450091) linked us to Covid Mutual Aid through a new Facebook page and together with Jane Hodges (Tel. 450594) we have built up a network of some forty volunteers to receive and meet requests from those who are for various reasons at greater risk from the COVID-19 infection or required to be self-isolated.


You don't have to be on Facebook or WhatsApp to join our team of volunteers, just send a message to or phone me (Tel. 450180) or one of the numbers above. Likewise if you know of someone who may need help contact us through one of the numbers given above. 


'We are in this together' and Susan Perkins, through her involvement with Bedale Library has brought us in touch with the Bedale branch of Covid Mutual Aid and we have adopted their guidelines for good practice for volunteers and what we can expect of them. See below.


Requests have mostly been for provisions and prescriptions but also volunteers have been reaching out with reassuring telephone conversations. Many of these needs have of course been met through existing networks of neighbours and friends, but there may yet be isolated people living alone whose needs we do not know about, partly because their contact details are not known. 


While most people are responding with goodwill in this crisis and we all benefit from sharing stories of kindness and those who go the extra mile to help, we do need to be aware that others who move in the other direction may find opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. So we all need to be vigilant concerning personal security and that of our properties.


Sadly with people unable to get out domestic abuse is expected to increase. If you need support the following contacts could prove vital: IDAS is the largest specialist charity in Yorkshire supporting people affected by domestic abuse & sexual violence. For immediate contact call the helpline 03000 110 110 or website . Also the number for the Samaritans is 116 123; Family Help, refuge & helpline 01325 364 486; National Women's Aid 0808 2000 247; Richmondshire 24 hr Housing 01653 690 738 (but no spaces at present).


An important response to our initiative has come with people in the village letting us know of local suppliers who are willing to take orders for collection or, where necessary and possible, to make deliveries to those who are isolated. See the list below.


Otherwise a section of the bus shelter noticeboard has been dedicated to information relating to the Coronavirus which we will endeavour to keep up to date. It also remains important to keep ourselves up to date with guidance from the Government, Public Health England and the NHS. 


Together a new chapter in history is being written. In spite of losses we have the opportunity to meet the challenges and to grow in resilience and to contribute to the new story.


Lisle Ryder, Chairman of the Parish Council.

Adopted from Bedale Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group


What volunteers can do:

Local volunteers can assist with:


Dog walking.

Collecting prescriptions.

Taking things to/collecting items from the Post Office.

Other local errands that can be conducted over the doorstep.

Arrange to keep in touch with a friendly phone call.

What volunteers cannot do:

Enter the homes or cars of vulnerable people.

Provide personal care.

Handle personal or valuable items.

Handle bank cards or PIN numbers.

Give medical advice.

Advice to volunteers:

· Do not enter peoples homes or cars.

· Always let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back.

· Keep a mobile phone on you at all times.

· Do not share personal details of beneficiaries or other volunteers.

· Be prepared to show ID to the beneficiary, if requested.

· Volunteers should wash their hands before and after every contact with a beneficiary.

· If delivering shopping please call ahead and let beneficiary know of cost and time you will deliver.

· Shopping should be left at front doors - cash should be left in an envelope to avoid contact or use a click and collect service.

· When handling dog leads wear gloves. Disposable gloves are ideal and should be discarded after use. If not possible then wear re-usable gloves and wash immediately after use.

· Do not take or share photos of beneficiaries or other volunteers without permission.

· Abuse of vulnerable people will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police.

· Don’t over commit yourself - it’s better to help a little and often than a lot - but only once.

If at any point you develop symptoms, or think you may have been in contact with someone who has, then isolate yourself.

The organisers of Newton-le-Willows Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group accept no liability or responsibility for damage or loss of property, infection or other issues resulting from contact between volunteers and beneficiaries.


Supplies for the Village


u Rock House Farm, can deliver their own pork, lamb, sausages, bacon, eggs, jams and chutneys. They also have milk from Lockey’s Dairy. 07931 452147

u Helen and John Bell, at the Hall offer pork, beef, lamb, chicken all from their farms at Newton and Tunstall. Free same day delivery - 07825 982576

u David Heron, lives in the village has offered  free delivery of bread, fruit and veg. from Masham 01677 450535, 07754225033 including meat from Rogers 01765 689459

u Food Weighouse, Bedale food retailer, will deliver – 01677 426436 

u Acorn Dairy, milk delivered by Lockey’s Dairy Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays (also butter, cream, orange juice can be ordered) 01677 450960

u Bedale Community Bakery, orders for Bedale Bakery can be made by phone 07470 370198 by 10 am Monday for Tuesday delivery, or by 10 am Friday for Saturday delivery. The Audritts or Hilary Hepworth will collect the orders which can be picked up from the porch of Tykesfold, Station Road. Helen will post on WhatsApp or by text the time when orders will be ready for collection.

u Supernews Beadle, will deliver newspapers to the bus shelter before 7 a.m. daily. To make an order, phone them on 01677 422106 and ask to be added to the Newton-le-Willows daily order. The delivery charge is 12p per day payable to Bob Sampson. You pay Supernews only for the paper and they will accept payment over the phone. If you do make an order, please would you let Bob know.

u Cockburn’s, butchers 7 day Meat Packs 01677 422126

u Carrick’s, Fruit, veg and fish 01677 470499

u Fairhurst, at Berry’s Farm shop will deliver Tuesdays and Fridays – 01969 624668

u The Queen’s Head, Finghall, takeaway service from Wednesday 25th March- 01677 450259

u The Greyhound Inn, Hackforth - 01748 813360

u Springhouse Farm shop, takes telephone orders for delivery next day – 01677 422212

u Wensleydale Creamery – cheeses –

u Black Sheep Brewery – Meals and ales 01765 689227

u Yorkshire Dales Meat Company – Meat, milk & eggs 01748 810042

u Leyburn Pets Ltd – pet food and supplies within 10 mile radius of town: email or telephone 01969 622953

u Braithwaites Garden Centre and Florists, are delighted to say they can now offer local delivery. Please call 01677 422861 to order and pay over the phone. All of our products that are in stock can be delivered.

u AGE UK – hot meal delivery in Richmond and the surrounding villages. Meals can be booked by calling 01325 741492 or by emailing before 11am on the day needed. The meals cost £5 a day for a hot 2 course set menu. They can also offer telephone befriending and volunteer shoppers too. The contact number for these services is 0300 3020 100 or email

Further lists can be found at

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