Newton Le Willows - Bedale - North Yorkshire


Wine tastings are held every two months at members’ homes and are open to anyone from the village.    Guests are most welcome but, for reasons of security, must be introduced by someone from the Village.

Everyone is asked to bring nibbles which can range from a packet of crisps to delicious home-made aperitifs.

The host/hostess provides two bottles of each of six wines to taste and score.   The cost of the wines is then divided by the number of people attending, so the more the merrier!

The cost per person therefore varies from £2 to normally not more than £5.  The number attending usually varies from 10 to 30.  A box of wine glasses is available if you don’t have enough for those numbers.

An evening of convivial company, no driving, nice wines and a huge supper for an average cost of £3.50.

Tastings are advertised in the village newsletter, Newton News or further information is available by contacting us below.



For details of next tasting or general enquiries - please contact us below:

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